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We Make it Easier to Profit

Napcat is a one-stop shop for traders looking to profit in the cryptocurrency space. The crypto market is difficult and fragmented, but we have a team of experts that make it easier than ever before.

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Napcat Trading Strategies.

Algorithmic trading for cryptocurrencies.

Reduce risk and generate alpha with AI-driven news filtering.

Napcat provides traders and investors an edge in the financial markets by delivering actionable intelligence through real-time news alerts, expert analysis, and proprietary research.

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Lower latency of the market!

Alerts reach customers' devices in under milliseconds over direct private network links rather than slower public internet routes.

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Alpha Generation

We use AI to find profitable trading strategies in cryptocurrencies space. This is a low-risk and high-reward approach that generates alpha for our institutional clients.

Institutional Clients

We work with institutions such as hedge funds, family offices, wealth managers, and banks to develop their own proprietary strategies using our algorithms.

Profitability & Risk Management

We have an innovative system that measures the profitability of each strategy while simultaneously managing risk by isolating its exposure to certain markets or assets."
Welcome to Napcat.

We are a global team of experts in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and finance. Our mission is to develop AI-driven trading strategies and signals that provide traders with profitable investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency space.


Steven De Groodt

Chief Executive Officer

Saman Emami

Chief Technology Officer
Trading Strategies For The Digital Age

Our company is looking for the best and brightest data scientists to join our team. We’re a growing, agile, forward-thinking firm that invests in you as an individual.

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