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if tweet, then trade

Connect social media with brokers and automate trades based on news.

Connect Twitter with Binance

Follow users and trade based on tweets

Uniswap, 1inch, Pancakeswap & more

Never miss news again

Community Oriented

Tweet filtering using OpenAI

How it works

01. It all starts with a service

Connect to social media, track news and integrate your trading bot directly with social channels!

Twitter service.

02. Next, choose a trigger

Your trigger is what kicks off the automated process. It can be a person on Twitter, a Volcano eruption, the first landing on Mars, or other many "if's!".

When @elonmusk tweets with dogecoin mention.

03. Then set an order

Once the trigger comes into action, you will trade a specific asset based on the rules you selected.

Buy $50 of dogecoin on binance.


Top trading ideas

Use Napcat to create financial easy automations, sky creativity is the limit.

If Elon Musk tweets DOGE, then buy Dogecoin.


If Bitcoin monthly RSI is lower than 40, then buy Bitcoin.

📈 Technical indicators

If US inflation raised, then sell Bitcoin.

🗞 News API

If volcano erupts, then short Bitcoin.

🌦 Weather

If 0x4fd... whale trades on Ethereum, then replicate trade.

🐳 Whales watcher

If Snoop Dogg tweets "Doge" or "Bitcoin", then buy "Dogecoin" or "Bitcoin".


Napcat will launch soon!

Get updated when available.

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Q1 2023

  • Release first Beta
  • Connect Twitter with Binance
  • Community Building

Q2 2023

  • Incubator Phase
  • AI for Social Media
  • Integrate +5 cex

Q3 2023

  • Open main platform
  • Back-testing support
  • Technical indicators support

Q4 2023

  • Integrate Futures Trading
  • Integrate +5 DEX
  • Developers API